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We have a system to package bottled water packs, without wasteful wrapping. Bottles are held securely together in re-usable bottle collecting straps.
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We don't have all the answers but we believe that we have a simple solution that even the poorest nations can afford to implement.
Single use plastic bags are being banned around the world - Great! - However, that makes it hard to collect and carry PET bottles to recycling stations. PETleash can control and carry as many plastic bottles as you like with ease. PET leash is far less polluting and can be used over and over again until it has to be recycled.
PETleash as a business model Will pay dividends to shareholders Will create opportunities for small business Will raise funds for charities Will avail businesses with good citizen social media Will assist with internal client relations Will allow micro business to flourish Will improve company branding Contact us
PET Leash is a simple plastic strap that quickly locks in four plastic bottles along with their caps (which incidentally are little environmental horrors in their own right). This PET Leash with four bottles can be connected to another four and another four and so on in a number of configurations. In commercial applications PETleash will be available in continuous lengths in dispensers that would control as many plastic bottles as is feasible depending on circumstances. Once they are strapped together, you can get them off the beach or park or boat or wherever - with ease and with a clear conscience. As we progress, we will convince authorities to establish PETZERO PET Pounds where anyone can leave their unwanted PET bottles and from where they can be rescued before they blow away in the wind, or even a storm, to ruin some exotic location. As a charity fundraiser, Pet Leash adds up really well. Here's an example from Australia - Four bottles on a PET Leash with a two dollar coin in each adds up to eight dollars plus 40 cents in plastic bounty. Take a few hundred PET Leashes all strapped together as a Christmas tree or in a line-up and you've got your target in a heartbeat. I guarantee that one reasonable fundraiser using the PETZERO system will cause an empty plastic bottle shortage in no time at all. Remember! This is a tripple whammy! It's fun - It's completely recycled and recyclable - and it helps save our precious environment. How quickly can the system be implemented?? Our planet has no time left for committee meetings. While committees waste time debating, we can be out there doing and saving our precious fauna and flora. With a quality road test in a few schools, universities, beaches and institutions, we can prove to the authorities that it would be wise, and in fact sound business, to implement new environmental systems sooner rather than later. Isn't PETleash just adding more plastic to a plastic problem? Guilty as charged but do hear me out. As photographers for, we've watched as rubber thongs battle with plastic bottles for supremacy of our most beautiful environment to make it as distasteful as possible - Often too difficult to photograph. Every product available to us to control P.E.T. bottles long enough so that most of them can be recycled seems to result in pollution far more devastating than what we start with. PETLeash is recyclable, reusable, simple and educational and if we can convince bottlers to pre-pack their items in a controllable strap with less physical packaging currently in operation that would be advantageous. If perhaps by doing so, we can take part of the massive funds generated and keep some of those funds for the needy whilst still keeping big business interested enough to assist, we will have a serious win. Please stay vigilant and if you or anyone else out there can think of a better way to save our precious waterways, please let us know. We are experimenting using fabrics, hemp, jute and human hair to produce PETleash with and we hope that in the near future we will find an ideal replacement for plastic. Here are some features of our PETZERO system. PET leashes are not only recyclable, they are reusable over and over again. They can be attached as PET Collars to stack easily on a PET Hitching Post or hung in line on a rack. With security concerns in mind, PET Leashes and PET Collars show each item clearly. Most public institutions now use transparent containers for trash - PETZERO goes one step further. PETZERO can be fun in school yards where kids can explore the many configurations turning them into dragons and caterpillars while their parents raise much needed funds. Assisting with the container deposit scheme for the recycling of drink containers PETLeash can control a number of plastic bottles at one time thereby making it easier to collect more items to be returned. Our communications to charities and fundraising organisations will promote the value of claiming the deposit on bottles. Reducing the volume of litter The ability of the PETLeash strap to control plastic bottles even in strong winds will ensure that less plastic bottles are loose in the environment minimising the impact of contamination and hazardous substances in our environment. Polyethylene Terephthalate (P.E.T.) in landfill and the environment carries with it significant hazardous waste contamination. The PETLeash program is designed for the sole purpose of reducing P.E.T. wastage thereby assisting to reduce the impact of contamination to our environment. Perhaps we can even convince soft drink bottlers to pre pack their soft drinks on a PET Leash. With any luck, local councils will soon insist on putting PET strays on a PET Leash and then taking them to a PET Pound to be disposed of with dignity! Halting the growth in per capita waste generation A significant part of the PETLeash program is directed at children. We feel it is desperately important to teach young people that there is value in protecting our environment. Our experience in the communication industry shows that a message that reaches a child is extremely powerful when it is passed on to an adult. Reducing the amount of plastics entering the marine environment The visual impact of our collateral will get the message of safeguarding our marine environment through to our target audience, particularly the young, who have the most to gain from this protection. This communication has already commenced on our website as well as on Facebook and other social media. The effect of this communication is encouraging. Reducing illegal dumping By promoting the intrinsic value of the deposit scheme we believe that the PETLeash program will play a part in reducing illegal dumping. Enhancing community confidence about environment protection The PETLeash is a totally transparent methodology. People can see up front that plastic bottles are indeed tethered and as such destined for recycling. PETleash dispenser unit will be visually pleasing and serviceable Commercial location units The PETLeash system will progress to a designer system that will be visually acceptable to the public in high traffic areas such as railway stations and shopping centres. Current trash dispensers often pollute plastic containers with normal rubbish and food waste which makes them difficult to recycle. PETleash systems will be more attractive than current dispensers as well as delivering plastic containers free of pollutants. In those states where there is a cash exchange for plastic bottles, we will design our units to incorporate cash dispensing utilising existing methodology. Commercial PETleash by the roll PETLeash straps will be made available by the roll for commercial & industrial applications. We will also design systems to cope with much higher volumes. Improving water quality Plastic bottles in our waterways, rivers and catchments are a plague that must be controlled. We have approached the control of this plague like other plagues before, in that it is important to capture the offending item and then return it to the authorities for a reward. Our children deserve clean water and we believe we can help to ensure that they get clean water for now and in the future. Most important of all - PETZERO does what all responsible citizens should do and that is to keep our planet clean for many generations to come. Please stay in touch while we push hard in every way we can to change people's thinking. Help us spread the message that It is OK to drink clean water without messing up someone else's! Love your planet and remember that it's round - What goes around comes around! brought to you by Copyright Genesis Promotions (Aust) Pty Ltd
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